Thuddenly Thursday...

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Morning Losers!

I think there's something going on with the electricity in the area. Most house alarms went off about an hour ago, and every now and then the lights dim for a second. Ahh the joys of living in Yorkshire.

Today, more soldering and shizzle, then home to fix the motorbike, try to do some exercise, and have a salad. My life sucks.

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  • welshkev
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    morning all, I've actually done some work today!!!

    other than that it's still getting as much free stuff from work as I can before I leave.

    off out to ride cwmcarn with northern monkey later.

    see ya
  • veronese68
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    Morning folks,
    I seem to have a bit of a hangover this morning, can't imagine how that happened.
    Slow ride in this morning, I think the fog was just in my head. Very mild out there though. Hopefully not too much work to be done today, especially as it's my Friday. Probably taking the not so small people to see the poppies at the Tower tomorrow.
    For now I will feed the hangover with tea and cookies.
  • The Rookie
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    Morning Crudmunchers

    Good ride in, but humid as heck, how can I get so sweaty in what is practically November? Nice to ride in in daylight though!

    Slow day at work, looking forward to lunchtime!

    No1 Rookling just phoned to say she had got a new job, so that's all 3 Rooklings getting a new job in 5 weeks, did someone mention recession and youth unemployment? Get off your lazy arses you scroungers!
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  • tlw1
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    Fun day of work in Solihull today. Need to leave at a decent time as tonight is rugrat 1's first performance at the local theatre
  • bg13
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    Evenin tw@s

    bit of practice on a scrap composite bit off a war goer, start the actual repair on monday, don't worry it's only worth £14 million he says..........and they let a mong like me loose on it!!!

    Other than that i got in late as did the bottom feeder so as we cannot be arrised cooking it's soup and toast all,round!

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  • Stevo_666
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    Did the frikkin forum got t1ts up for a couple of hours? Couldn't get on it at all. Anyhow, long long day at work but off tomorrow so 3 day weekend starts here 8)
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