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RS Reba dual air SL -ve problem

Clockworkmark31Clockworkmark31 Posts: 1,053
edited November 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi everyone,

Bit of a quick one, hard to describe. But will try.

Whilst out riding this week, the feel of my forks changed from what I considered smooth and linear to a definite progressive feel or like running with full rebound. I did do a lower leg service recently. So wonder if this had anything to do with it.

Anyway checked pressures and -ve went from 140 to around 40 when I connected the pump, I know you lose pressure connecting the pump, but 100psi?

So stripped it all down to look for anything obvious, nothing found, so re greased o rings, put back together literally just finished now - hence lat post. Pumped up etc, and they feel fine from pushing them.

Has anyone got any ideas on what could have affected the change in feel, or things to look out for, other than oil and air leaks?

On a plus, now gone from 100mm to 120mm :twisted: not sure how that will feel yet.


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