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BMC Granfondo GF02 (Tiagra 2014)

rwwrww Posts: 14
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Hi all,

First post from a long-time lurker, and believe it or not I’m looking for some advice.

My current bike is a Genesis Vapour (CX bike) which I bought through Cyclescheme 4 years ago. To-date I've used it to commute to work (a 25 mile hilly round trip) 2 or 3 times per week during the summer. This year I’ve also done a couple of sportives, The Way of the Roses coast-to-coast, and have squeezed-in a handful of reasonable length rides at the weekends. For the first time I’m continuing to commute through the autumn and I plan to carry on through the winter (icy/snowy days excepted!), spring and on into next year when I’ll tackle some longer rides again during the summer. I’ve got half an eye on perhaps attempting LEJOG in 2016.

I’m not a member of a club and it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever bother doing any racing, time-trials etc.

My Vapour’s served me well and will continue to be my daily workhorse, especially during the autumn/winter, but I’m now giving serious thought to buying a road bike when my employer offers Cyclescheme again next month. I intend to spend up to the £1000 limit and I don’t need to divert any of that to buying shoes, clothing, locks etc. - the whole lot can go towards the bike.

At the weekend I had a 10 minute test ride on a BMC Granfondo GF02 (Tiagra 2014) through the Evans store at Trafford Park. It was the first time that I've ridden a "sportive" type bike and I was surprised how noticeably different my riding position was on the GF02 when compared to my Vapour. This has sowed a seed of doubt in my mind - I guess it’s fear of the unknown, or something like that, or perhaps fear of spending £1000 on a bike that I won't get on with. That said, a more relaxed position might be better baring in mind my intended use, and the GF02 still appeals to me because it looks like a top quality package out-of-the-box which also has plenty of scope for future upgrades.

So… are there any GF02 owners out there who can share their experiences with it?

Thanks in advance,



  • robbo2011robbo2011 Posts: 1,017
    Not sure this helps at all, but as an owner of a Vapour for four years used for commuting and winter duties, I would suggest you also take look at the BMC SLR03 if you can get it in your price range.

    I bought an SLR01 a few years ago and it is great. The SLR03 has the same geometry and so it should be a really nice bike.
  • rwwrww Posts: 14
    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately the SLR03 looks a bit beyond my budget.

    I think on reflection the "sportive" style of bike might not suit me. I tend to ride with a semi-aggressive posture on the hoods and I find that perfectly comfortable. I wonder whether riding the Vapour has kinda moulded me in this way. Maybe. The GF02 felt a bit "sit up and beg", so I've decided that it's off the list.

    I've been advised that the key is getting the correct fit so I'm going with that approach through a local bike store.
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