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Winter wheels?

johngtijohngti Posts: 2,483
edited October 2014 in Road general
After a conversation on the way to work this morning, it'd be interesting to know who has a set of winter wheels. I have zondas on my bike, swapped them for r500s for a ride 10 days ago but immediately swapped them back. Just didn't enjoy the ride with the r500s compares to the zondas. So, who changes and from/to what?


  • whoofwhoof Posts: 756
    I've got a 'summer bike' with Dura-Ace wheels/Ultremo ZX, a winter one with R550s/Durano plus, another with R500s and a ride to work bike with Pro-lite comos/Marathon plus touring tyres. If I lived somewhere where the roads were always dry and free from mud/gravel/lumps of rotting leave etc I would ride the Dura-Ace wheels/Ultremo ZX all of the time, but I don't.
    Whilst it's nice to ride lighter wheels/tyres I did an 80 miler on the R550s/Durano plus at the weekend and enjoyed it. I enjoy riding all of my bike/wheel/tyre combos.
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