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Cassette lockring damaged + wheel servicing

just a nicknamejust a nickname Posts: 30
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I just bought an used bicycle. I had hard time to adjust the rear derailleur. Finally realized the cassette was not properly tighten up (it was moving). I could see a small metal piece hanging out of the lockring. I decided to remove the full cassette to inspect further and this is what I found: ... IvpCa?dl=0

Full lockring is around 10$ minus fees (shipping). I wonder if I could just find the damaged piece?

Also, I believe the wheel need some servicing. Probably need new grease and maybe new bearing. I never did that, looked for some guide and I believe I can do that myself. However, there seem not to be a particular type of bearing/grease recommended. I wonder where I could get some (beside local bike shop) in Canada. Some advise to get the shimano bearings. They are not very expensive. I was thinking I could also order some for my R500/501s that also need servicing.

Is it hard to replace the grease / change bearing?



  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,319
    Lockring seems still in one piece, if not replace it.
    Look if the threads in the freehub are stripped, if so you need a new freehub....

    About the hub: without any info what brand and/or type it's impossible to say anything about it.
  • tehtehtehtehtehteh Posts: 103
    my cassette came with one of those, from what I understand it's not a vital part, just supposed to help prevent the lockring sticking, you can run fine without it
  • Sorry the wheel is a Xero 220. When I opened the cassette, there was a black greasy stuff that I cleaned inside. The threads seem normal... I don't have difficult to screw the lockring (just so that it hold the cassette in place).
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