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Fizik Antares R3, comfort, how?

PLuKEPLuKE Posts: 181
edited October 2014 in Road general
I have bought a Fizik Antares R3 (braided)

I have setup the saddle, after playing around on a 40 mile ride.

But again, I am finding it uncomfortable, it seems to be hurting my bum still, on the sitbones.

I had a Selle Italia Q-Bik Flow, that killed me to, even with the relieve channel.

Any tips?

2013 Merida Ride 93 Carbon


  • Try another saddle, may be a cheaper one
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • crispybug2crispybug2 Posts: 2,915
    Get a Brookes!

    It may well weigh more than your carbon front forks or whatever but once it's broken in you'll find after a hundred mile ride your censored is the only part of you that doesn't hurt!
  • jamesesjameses Posts: 653
    Give it a few more rides, it may take a little while to adjust to the new saddle. If it's still bothering you after that, start looking for a new saddle!
  • PLuKEPLuKE Posts: 181
    Can saddle height affect saddle comfort?

    So if my legs are to extended, thus causing more pressure on the sitbones?

    2013 Merida Ride 93 Carbon
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