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Headset play - FSA Orbit C-40 / Planet X RT-58

CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
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I just picked up a new / ex-display Planet X RT-58 off eBay at a very good price. It didn't come with headset so I checked the website and ordered a FSA Orbit C-40 ACB as specified.

Now my experience with integrated headsets is fairly limited, but I thought I'd followed the pretty scant instructions.

Anyway, it all looks correct but there is a load of play in it. I haven't used any sort of compression on it as that didn't seem to be mentioned.
What I've noticed is the top bearing fits in the headtube fine but there is a bit of a gap between the fork and the bearing. Is the C clip above this supposed to sort that out?

If anyone could save me a trip to the LBS with my internet purchased frame that would be appreciated!



  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,311
    1-Headsets only work properly if the bearings are under a little pressure from eihter a screwed nut (older threaded headset) or topcap+ stem+ spacers with a bolt in the steerer starnut.
    2-With threadless headsets you need indeed the compression ring (C clip as you call it) to fix the bearing without play to the steerer.

    For the principles look here:
  • CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
    OK, So can I fit it at home without any special tools?
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,311
    Can be fitted with only one ore two allen keys.
    What yoy also need and what is not included in headsets is an expander or bung in the steerer tube.
    If the steer is alloy a starnut will do.
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