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Trying to get back on the road

ianthevetianthevet Posts: 2
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Am trying to fix up an old road bike to use as a winter / turbo trainer.
It's a 2007 Dawes Giro 300. Uses Shimano 2200 series shifters and derailleurs, A050 39/52 front crank, 13-26 7 speed rear cassette. Hubs are Quando, no idea what model. Don't think the chain or cassette have ever been replaced and are very worn.
As far as I was aware, 2200 series is designed for an 8-speed cassette. Would I be able to simply remove the current 7-speed and replace it with an 8-speed cassette? Would it fit on the freehub? Anything else I need to be thinking about here - axle length / OLD distance, chainline etc?
Main reason for asking is that 7-speed cassettes seem to have limited options available nowadays.
Many thanks


  • Your best bet is to take it into your local bike shop that has a decent workshop. The bike shops have access to many more parts than you see listed on Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles etc. They may well be able to source new replacements that are a like-for-like replacement for the worn components you have.
  • pinnopinno Posts: 38,214
    Shimano 8 speed Hyperglide - ebay, brand new £12.99 Iem No. 310946914583


    BTW, Shimano splines are the same throughout the range unlike campag, so no issues there.
    Do your levers click 7 times? If they only click 6 times, 8 won't work as they are 7 speed shifters.

    Shimano 8 speed shifters - ebay, new- currently £55


    With a bit of research, you'll get everything you want.
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  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    If it's 7-speed then chances are it's a freewheel, not a freehub. Dawes had quite a bit of old stock floating around; an el-cheapo Dawes hybrid I bought in 2009 had a 7-speed freewheel on it and a French threaded headset, so it's worth checking before dropping your cash.

    The spacing between sprockets on 8-speed and 7-speed is the same, so you can use your 7-speed shifters on a 8-speed back block (but obviously you will not be using all the gears).
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