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Boardman to Blur TR - what bits do I need?

BiG CHRISBiG CHRIS Posts: 2,095
edited October 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Pondering upgrading my Boardman Pro FS frame to a Blur TR - most of my current bits will fit as far as I know but some I'm not sure about.

Cranks - curently BB30 on the Boardman and the Blur is 73mm threaded BB so assuming I'll need new cranks & BB?

Rear disc - Post mount Avid onthe Boarman and IS on the Blur, assuming I can get an Avid adaptor for this?

Front mech - need to check this out, but could it be a good time to go 1x10 if I'm replacing the cranks? If so, can I achieve this by just dropping the front mech & shifter or do I need other bits too?

Think that covers it. I'm from an era of MTB'ing where there was just one wheel size, one BB size and one brake mount type (cantilever!) so all this new-fangled stuff hurts my brain :?


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