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New budget build project

AsgathAsgath Posts: 16
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'Ey up

I'm currently in the early progress of building up a part commuter part winter chuck-about single speeder.
My idea for the most part is to take my Dads old 2006 Gary Fischer Piranha frame, paint it up and build something around that. I'm going to attempt to cannibalise as many old but serviceable parts as possible. Putting old Elixir disc brakes on (shiny new SLX brakes on my Anthem) and already have an old set of (albeit weighty) wheels knocking about.

Big question is…I'm about to go out and buy some rigid forks, most likely the eXotic ones. However I've been thinking that a single speed rigid bike might be a tad more comfortable as a 29er, especially if its going to see a fair amount of time on the commute. I'm not a big fan big ol' wheels but I think I could adjust.
That means a new frame, and new wheels. The whole thing becomes more expensive (I'm sure ebay will be helping me out).

What are your thoughts? Will the big rollers be worth it for what I want to do?
Again I want this to be a project that I can slowly build up through the year rather than go out and buy a full bike. Hopefully it can be something special for me


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