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Ridley X-Ride 20 Disc

leelondon117leelondon117 Posts: 22
edited October 2014 in Road buying advice

I am looking at buying a Ridley X-Ride 20 Disc. I'm unsure of what size. My measurements are:

Height - 174
Inseam - 81
Arm length - 63

I think I'd be a 50, but the stack height of 513 is 3.4 cm less than my road bike (which is a good fit). However, the 52 would be too stretched out and with the high bottom bracket, place me too high. All the other measurements on the 50 seem fine, just the stack height seems very short and I'm concerned it would put me in a very agressive position (too aggressive for CX?)

Anybody with similar measurements who rides an X-Ride...if so what size are you riding?


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