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2 bikes on Cycle2Work scheme?

EasyPeezEasyPeez Posts: 25
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Sorry if this is the wrong section, couldn't see a relevant forum.

Was told by one local dealer last week that I could buy anything I wanted from him, including the bike I am currently looking for and a second bike for my wife on the bike to work scheme. I said that I thought it only covered one bike and certain accessories but he replied that he'd fill in the paperwork to make it look like one £1,000 bike, and I could get an £800 for me and a £200 for her, or whatever I wanted.

Is this feasible/morally acceptable? Because the dealer I spoke to today says it's dodgy and they won't pull it off as they have to register the frame no. of what they sell on the C2W paperwork.

It will affect my decision both on which bike to buy and where to buy from as the wife did a Bikeability course this week and is looking to get her first ever bike now (bless!) so if I can get 2 bikes for a grand I will, but if not I'll prob go for something slightly higher spec for myself and buy hers separately.



  • One of my lbs was going to sell me three bikes on the c2w scheme a few years back. One each for the kids .

    Personally I dont see a problem, he probably just writes one bike down on the scheme and the rest as clothes/accessories.

    Its just a tax saving at the end of the day and they rob us enough of that :)
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    Perfectly feasible, just depends how you feel about lying to obtain a pecuniary advantage
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Nothing wrong with having 2 bikes, but they both have to be for you so it is dodgy if you get one for someone else.
    Its morally very wrong and personally I would not do it because I have morals.

    Its a slippery slope. You will be pocketing slabs of cheese from the supermarket and justifying it by saying they rip you off with their 2 for 1 deals next :lol:

    The cycle schemes are great (especially now you can top up) but don't take the pi55 with them I say.

    Spend the grand yourself and buy your wife a decent bike legitimately.
    Get her a sale bike on 0% maybe.
  • I also have morals. Are you suggesting I don't ?

    pity most that fleece us for tax day in day out do not :(
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