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Went for a bike fit and subsequently purchased recommended stem length straight away without thinking about bars

Need to replace my bars as well. Was recommended 38cm wide but told 40cm would be okay as well.

Currently have Easton EA70 Aero bars which have an 85mm reach. I want new bars with the same reach (as I've already bought the stem) but 38cm wide. I've found EA30 Aero bars which have the same reach but are 40cm wide. Also they're EA30 so a step down from what I already have. I prefer Aero ones are they're comfier when on that part of the bar.

Anyone know of anything I'm after? 85mm reach, 38cm width...
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  • kingstoniankingstonian Posts: 2,847
    I had a bike fit - ended up putting on bars 2cm different to what was specified and I haven't noticed the difference at all.
  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    bar width makes little difference, reach does so get whats closest. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Correct bars can make a lot of difference when you were riding with ones 60mm too wide. Comsiderably smaller frontal area
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  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
    bar width makes little difference.

    ...if you are average size, using average bars.
    38cm suggests a very small rider. Splaying your arms out wide makes it very hard to maintain any flex at the elbows.
  • I'm 6ft 1 and 80kilos, just have girly shoulders :(
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  • ai_1ai_1 Posts: 3,060
    I'm 6ft 1 and 80kilos, just have girly shoulders :(
    That's probably a good thing as far as cycling is concerned!
    I'm 5'10" and should probably use 440mm bars although my current bike came with 420mm bars and I can get away with them so I haven't changed them. I plan to blame my shoulders if I don't manage good times on the tri-bars next year.
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