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Saw this in various news sites. I'm pretty sure many of us are well ahead of that guy's 44,000 mile total commuting distance. I reckon I'm nearly three times his at approx 116,000 miles* .

What are your numbers? CW even suggests anyone who beats their guy contacts them, perhaps they can be pointed to this thread when it's had a few replies.

*Assuming I did 90% journeys by bike from 1990-2011 from 10 miles out which gives
21x0.9x(365-30)x5/7x10x2 = 90,450
And since 2011 it’s been 19 miles each way and more like at least 95% of the time so
3x0.95x(365-30)x5/7x19x2 = 25,914
90,450 + 25,914 = approx 116,365 miles commuting

edit: corrected arithmetic!
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  • Yeah, his total for 15 years is a little low, really. Even I've done 27,000 miles in that past five and I'm never going to trouble the top of our stats board.
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    15 years 40k, that's really low....last 5 years including this years anticipated mileage = 63k
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    I'm on 42k in 5 years, take about 5k off for non-commuting.
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    gbsahne wrote:
    really low

    Perhaps a slightly subjective analysis, from the perspective of a nutcase. :wink:
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    I aim for 1K miles a year as
    1/ Commute is only 6.7 miles each way and I'm not moving house just to make it wife's commute mind is even smaller, about 400 yards.
    2/ Work overseas a lot so at best can expect to be in the office for 3 weeks in four.
    3/ Sometimes due to other commitments I do have to use the car, though it's rare.
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  • iPete wrote:
    I'm on 42k in 5 years, take about 5k off for non-commuting.

    Pretty much the same here. Even if I take 10k off but the time we get to 15 years................
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    I reckon I'm on a mere 13,300.
    1988-1997 walked
    1998-2000 car			
    2000-2005 worked from home
    2006      car/train/walked
    2006-2007 cycled 4 miles round trip for 28 weeks: 560
    2007-2008 cycled 4 miles round trip for 70 weeks: 1400
    2009      cycled 4 miles round trip for 37 weeks: 740
    2009-2011 cycled 10 miles round trip for 60 weeks: 3000
    2011      cycled 4 miles round trip for 19 weeks: 380
    2011-2013 cycled/train 10 miles round trip for 85 weeks: 4250
    2013      cycled 4 miles round trip for 24 weeks: 480
    2013-date cycled 10 miles round trip for 50 weeks: 2500
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    Just shy of 5k miles in 14 months, pretty much all commuting. I suppose it's a bit premature to project 15 years into the future, but it doesn't seem like anything worth shouting about. I still feel the need to track my mileage and costs in a spread sheet to see if this cycling lark actually saves me cash (£626 to the good to date, assuming I'd have taken the train each day).
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    I don't count myself as high milage rider but in the three years is logged miles on the SCS tables I managed 18,500 miles. 44k isn't a lot.
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    Actual logged miles from 2005 - present and a bit of a geustimate of miles before then from 78 - 2005, limiting it to just commute miles, shows roughly 30,000 and is reasonable within a margin of error and no-one being able to show otherwise, so that'll do.