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Hi I have a carrera tdf and was wondering if I buy carbon front forks could I use any from a diffrent bike or are they all diffrent


  • chatlow
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    i asked the same question on here when I had a carrera and the general attitude was.. don't bother. Yes, you'll save some weight and it will help with road vibration but I'd weigh up upgrade cost vs b'twin triban (very cheap and reliable road bike with carbon forks vs second hand bike with carbon forks and/or frame.

    As for compatibility... sorry I can't advise, but enjoy the world of carbon.. whichever route you take!
  • keezx
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    I think (when I look at the specs) that you can use any 1 1/8" fork in your bike as long as the steerer is long enough.
  • Ok thank you for replies was just going to upgrade it a bit and eventually use it as a winter bike and get a new summer bike
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    If you are going to replace your fork make sure the new one is mudguard compatible, makes sense if you are going to use your TDF as a winter bike.
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    You want one that is the same size and has the same angles - going too far away from original spec will muck up the handling.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.