Road/CX Cable Discs - Tips for installing/setting up

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I am building up a Disc CX bike, just having the headset and BB fitted, then I will be doing the rest myself. I will be using cable discs, made up of my current 105 levers, Superstar Discs/700c Wheels and Sora Calipers.

I want to get this all setup right first time, just wondering how to get the most effective/efficient setup, I am not expecting hydraulic type power, but I do want something that is effective :D

Don't want to spend £££s, so what is the minimum requirement, or just use standard brake cable and outer? Best routed tightly or with plenty of curve/length on the outers?


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    You want a bit of length to avoid sharp turns. Make sure you cut the ends really square - it makes a big difference to the mushiness of the action. Avoid inline adjusters too - they don't help the feel and you shouldn't adjust them there as it moves the pivot and reduces the power anyway.

    Then just set up the fixed pad so that it's really close - even a tiny rub is okay. They work pretty well that way. Worth bedding in the pads well too - ride down a hill, brake hard, ride up, let discs cool, repeat x 5 or so. Made mine feel a lot better when I replaced everything.
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  • You have confirmed what I have read up on, so its a case of taking my time, and getting it right.

    Just waiting for cable and housing, then the project will begin.
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    Don't skimp on the outer cables - I'd recommend the Goodrich ones but they are pretty stiff. Tight cable runs mean drag - best to run along the back of the handlebars than forcing them into a tighter bend along the front.
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