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Veltec Speed AL

dazz_ni45dazz_ni45 Posts: 468
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Does anybody know anything about these wheels?

My LBS has just started to stock them but there are very limited information on any of the UK forums.

I'm considering them as a replacement for my Mavic Cosmic Carbones as I have just been made a good offer on them. Weight wise, they appear to be about the same.

I'm 85kg and they would be used as a good summer wheel for a little bit of everything.



  • dazz_ni45dazz_ni45 Posts: 468
    I guess nobody has any experience of them?
  • no experience but they have them in stock at

    Edit: my mistake, only Campag freehub in stock

    I believe I've heard smoggysteve talk good things about the full Carbon ones.
  • dazz_ni45dazz_ni45 Posts: 468
    Thanks. If I was to purchase intended on buying from my LBS in any event albeit they are a few quid more than the online continental retailers.

    The cosmics were sold last night. Ideally I would love a do it all wheel that replaces both my cosmics and ksyrium sl's which alternated on the bike depending on the route and weather conditions. I found the cosmics incredibly sluggish when climbing so they only covered about 100 miles this year. The kysriums sl's I do like, but aesthetically on the bike, I would like something with a slightly deeper profile, but that will still accelerate and climb well.

    I had looked at handbuilts, but there aren't many builders here in Northern Ireland and I don't know where to start when putting together a spec.
  • my everyday wheelset is Archetype rims on Novatec hubs, built by thecycleclinic from the forum, I live in Germany so don't let being in N.I put you off ordering them in ;)

    re spec just ask them. i got 32R/28F as recommended as I was 97kgs, i certainly appreciate how strong they are and I'm putting in 1200kms a month so glad if i can replace a rim or two here and there instead of a whole wheelset.
  • Those are based on 40 mm + aluminium rims, which are normally pretty heavy (around 650 grams per rim) and not very good in cross winds given the V shape. You might also find them a bit harsh and dead...

    I wouldn't bother
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  • dazz_ni45dazz_ni45 Posts: 468
    Thanks Ugo. Will give them a miss

    Is there any handbuilt options that would be equivalent (aesthetically at least) to say the Zipp 30's?

    I'm 85kg so need something reasonably robust.
  • Flo 30 wheelset or rims on a custom build.
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