BB30 gone after 1/2hr

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So I bought a new bike which shall remain nameless but it has a bb30 bottom bracket.

Took it out on inaugural run, it was windy so I couldn't hear much, but after 1/2 hr I started to hear something from bb area, pulled over to investigate and it is a cracking sound on turning the pedals (even gently by hand), made my way home with this getting louder, I swear car drivers were looking at me due to the volume by the time I got home.

I spoke to the shop who will replace the bearings, said they had a few like this recently, seemed to be dodgy batch of factory fitted bearings and all was well after replacing on the bikes they had fixed.

Just wondering, is this likely a sign of the nightmare to come or a one off, ie is this an indicator of something fundamentally wrong like a poorly made bb area in this frame which will have constant problems?

I am aware that people have variable experiences with bb30, and many experience creaking etc, but after 10 miles??

Mulling over whether to go for a fix or return the bike as not fit for purpose under the sale of goods act, any thoughts?