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I recently got back from a once-in-a-lifetime trip (NEVER AGAIN!) and have a mass (1600) of photos which I want to whittle down and put into an album.

The downside is that I have absolutely no knowledge of photo-editing and I think that if I were able to take the best ones, if it were possible to ask/employ someone to touch them up (some the lighting isn't ideal so we're a bit pastey, some are a bit dark, etc).

I know there are some awesome photographers on here, but was wondering how to go about it if I wanted to employ someone to do the touching up. Nothing significant like removing spots/blemishes, just making them nice? Ideally I would like to share my favourite 200 photos with a view to working with someone to reduce it to 50-60 for a really lovely photo album to give to my mother for Christmas.

Any thoughts, advice, recommendations and expected cost etc much appreciated. I have a facebook link of 125 but not sure I want to stick it online, but happy to PM anyone who's interested in doing the work.


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