Front Derailleur Problems

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My crank is rubbing against the outer case of the front derailleur and the it struggles to shift up to the big ring.

I recently had the gears adjusted and it made a big difference, I was very happy with the work my local bike shop did.

I remember the chain coming off the front ring when I got excited on a club run and tried to get into top gear and top speed asap.

I've reset the limits and this hasn't made a difference.

Can anybody suggest anything????




  • keezx
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    Is the outer cageplate parallel to the chainrings and 2 a 3 mm above the big ring?
  • dj58
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    Sounds like your high, outer limit screw is not set correctly allowing the derailleur to overshift.

    Download a copy of the Shimano Dealer Manual DM-GN0001-08 from here Go to page 25 and follow the installation and setup instructions.

    In future try not to get over excited when shifting into your high gears on your club run. :D
  • sigorman85
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    Not shimano 105 is it ? I've had problems with mine for that last few months but don't want to fiddle to much with it
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  • arlowood
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    Makes sense to get to grips with the set-up procedure yourself. So rather than fiddling with things, my advice would be to go back and do a basic set-up from scratch.

    IMHO this video is one of the better ones and walks you through the process pretty well. ... lleur.html
  • CiB
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    sigorman85 wrote:
    Not shimano 105 is it ? I've had problems with mine for that last few months but don't want to fiddle to much with it
    :lol: It doesn't work, but you don't want to stop it working?

    The FD moves between the upper & lower limits by a set amount every time you move the shifter. The adjustment barrel provides fine control, unscrewing the cable clamp & taking up the slack provides coarse control. The limit screws prevent it going too far in either direction. Except for it mattering which side of the cable clamp the cable goes in, there's nothing to it. Go on - throw caution to the wind; give it a go. Adjust something and see what happens.