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Giant Propel Internal Cabling

GazzaputtGazzaputt Posts: 3,227
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Had the front mech cable give way yesterday (only 300 miles old)

Anyway no problem change it when I get home. Home I get bike on workstand check to see how the cable routes on the Ultegra 6800 shifters. Surprisingly a lot better than on 6700.

Pull cable through and set about threading new cable. The fun begins.

On the Propel there is a grommet on the top tube were both the front and rear mech cables enter the frame. I spent 45 minutes threading the cable to realise it was never going to pop out at the bottom bracket. I then had remove the cable from the rear mech to gain access to under the grommet. I then could see feeding into the rear mech portal was a cable guide. There was nothing attached to the front portal. Scratch of head I realise the fork need to be dropped as the internal cable guide must route through the headtube. Bars off, headset out and forks dropped.

Yes there is the front cable guide sitting in the headtube. Ok I'll feed it back into the grommet in the toptube. No I won't as the bloody cable guide is to short! I end up feeding the cable through the grommet into the headtube and then into the cable guide. All this faffing caused the rear guide to drop out the grommet and I can't get that back in place without running a new cable .

Anyone else had such a sodding faff with a Giant or a like? Should I got back to the shop and point out the guide is to short? I have a feeling they'll tell me I should have taken it straight back to them first. Then again they did tell me the warranty invalid if I don't take it back for a 6 week check.

Going forward I'll need to sort this as dropping out the forks to replace a cable is madness.


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,185
    Well with the benefit of hindsight you would have probably taken it back to the bike shop, but there's nothing wrong in wanting to fix things for yourself.

    Does seem like a long winded method of replacing control cables, Giant must assume that cables aren't going to need replacing very often and that owners are going to take their bike to an LBS to have the work done. Can't understand why they have routed the cables like that, maybe they think it makes the bike more areo.

    Looks like you are going back to the shop to get them to fix it, I don't see why what you have attempted should affect your warranty, you did register the bike online with Giant didn't you? You don't know whether there are guides missing internal which would have made it easier for you to do the job.

    No harm in asking the shop what the procedure is for replacing those cables, they will either fob you off or explain it. Good luck with it and hope you get back on the road soon, sorry I can't be of more practical help, I don't own a Propel only a lowly Alu Defy.
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