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Hello everyone

I am currently a student interested in bikes and cycling, who is looking around for some ideas for my Major Assessment in Design & Tech.

I immediately got interested in building my own bike, but as an assessment I can't exactly just make a "Cool looking bike to my style". As this is a design project, I need some innovative and practical solutions to a design.

And there I was, thinking "I always wanted to try a Track or Fixed gear bike"

Then I had a Brilliant idea of combining a Fixed gear bike with a Derallieuer Geared bike, with no clue towards it's achieveability. I was thinking of a quick system/device that allows you to switch back and forth from the two modes (Fixie and Geared) effectively.

This is just an idea at the moment, and I'm not sure if it is achieveable or not.
I am not a professional Bike Mechanic, but I'm sure many of you in this fourm is. I'd really appreciate any help or opinions on this matter.

I am also open for ANY other interesting topics and suggestions people give me as an idea for a project.

All and Any feedback is more than welcome,

Thanks for your time


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    Sturmey archer hub with added dérailleur, plus a link to the article by sheldon on the subject...

    http://www.cyclechat.net/threads/sturme ... rs.123265/
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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    Someone has beaten you to it with one design idea that has appeared as a patent application


    Probably other means to solve the same problem so I wouldn't be too discouraged

    I'm sure tho' that I've recently come across a frame that was advertised as being able to run as a fixie with horixzontal dropouts but could also be converted or modified for vertical dropouts to run conventional derailleurs. Will keep searching and post back if I find it.
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    First thing to remember if you have a fixed hub you can not have any dérailleur gears in the same set up.

    Just like you can not use a tensioner on a fixed but you can on a single speed.

    But as mentioned there is the sturdy archer fixed 3 speed hub and then you could through in a truvative hammershmit into the mix aswell. (2 speed single cog crankset). It will give a freewheel ability in one position.
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