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Bib Shorts - No Silicon Leg Grip

cgrenncgrenn Posts: 205
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Anybody know of any decent bib shorts with no silicon leg grippers at a reasonable price? I cant stand those leg grippers and they only pair I have found are these... ... -bib-short


  • krogortkrogort Posts: 31
    Some bibs, usualy higher end, have more gentle silicon grips.

    I like DHB Aeron Pro, pretty good quality and fairly priced.
  • DommyDommy Posts: 7
    Bontrager bibshorts have the silicone gripper on the outside
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Etxeondo Dicolor dont have grips and really comfortable. They were a super price a few months ago but may be none left at Merlin now. I think some of their other bibs didnt have grippers either.

    Castelli bibs have a very different type of gripper, where rather than a thin rubber strip, a wide band of lycra is impregnated with tiny rubber 'hairs' so it is much nicer.
  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    Dommy wrote:
    Bontrager bibshorts have the silicone gripper on the outside
    And how well do they work ?
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  • DommyDommy Posts: 7
    They work really well, they do it that way so the gripper doesn't irritate the skin and for those that don't shave the gripper doesn't pull the hairs on your leg.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    It cant be a gripper though, if it does not come into direct contact with any other surface - a constrictor perhaps? But that would be worse in my book...
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Castelli Free Aero, Rapha I think. You are looking for shorts that have a raw lycra edge. Prendas may have those one-piece Santini which use a 'wave' pattern on the leg
  • type:epyttype:epyt Posts: 766
    Simple concept, use an inverted turn-up so the outside of the short touches the leg. You'll only lose 1/2" of bibshort length whilst getting the same grip. I'm a shortar$e and do this with longer legged bibshorts with no negatives.
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  • Toe kneeToe knee Posts: 525
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  • Dippydog3Dippydog3 Posts: 414
    Dommy wrote:
    Bontrager bibshorts have the silicone gripper on the outside
    Well there's a really clever idea!

    I would imagine that really helps to stop your iPad from falling off your lap, but personally, I leave my iPad at home when I go riding.
  • M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
    addidas ones seem to only have a half grip, front or rear can't remember which.
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  • cgrenncgrenn Posts: 205
    Cheers for all your help People! I found some Castelli Velocissimo Ex Display ones of Evans last night for £50. chanced my arm.
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