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Alright people,

I am considering the new Go-pro hero which retails around £99. I really can't justify the £280+ for the other models. Does anyone have one of these who can give me feedback on the battery life.

Also does anyone have any alternatives for around the same price?



  • rockmonkeysc
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    Battery life on the higher models is pretty good so the lower tech model should be even better with less features to drain the battery.
  • Do you have one of the newer models Rockmonkey?
  • I'm tempted too.. for the average user, it has more than enough features to keep you happy!

    Video Mode Estimated Time:
    1080p 30fps 2:45
    720p 60fps 2:30
    720p SuperView 60fps 2:30

    Thats consistent filming, the "black" version doesn't seem to last much over an hour!
  • I had seen them stats on the website and I couldn't believe it. My pals have last years model and they carry 3 or 4 batteries as they say their getting less than an hour. I was a little bit worried because the hero pro doesn't have the removal battery.
  • rockmonkeysc
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    Do you have one of the newer models Rockmonkey?

    I have the Hero 3+ which is loaded with pointless features and can produce such high quality film that you need a super computer from NASA to edit the video and a 18" pipe to send it down instead of a broadband cable.
    I usually set mine to 60 fps and the lowest HD resolution (980p?)
  • Dave_P1
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    I have the HD Hero 2 and I have never had a problem with battery life. I record in 720p 60fps and it last's a day of use, albeit getting switched on & off constantly due to what I'm filming.
  • How long does your battery last Dave_p1?