Retrofit Internal Cable Stops

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I've got an issue with an old CX frame and an internal cable for the front Mech may solve the issue. Therefore, is it possible to retro fit internal cable stops? If so where can they be purchased from, I've done a WWW search and can't find any anywhere.
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    What problem have you got?
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    You mean, you want to drill holes in your frame and run the derailleur cable within the tube?

    Pretty tricky.
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    What are internal cable stops!?
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    It will depend on how the cable is routed at the moment - over the top tube or down the down tube and under the bottom bracket.

    Also, if you want the cable housing to run through the frame too - or be 'stopped' where it enters and exits.

    If the latter, then when the cable inner leaves the frame, will there need to be more housing, or do you want it to run straight to a bottom bracket guide?

    For info, on my frame, the gear cables enter the down tube with internal stops - but the bottom of the underside of the downtube is shaped so that the inners can exit a slot straight onto the BB cable guide without fouling the frame.

    Also, when I got my frame, the rear brake cable stop on the top tube was missing - Though it was a Cube, this Cervelo one fitted: ... 1307/s3953

    Is that the sort of thing?