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Which go pro.

tubbs_214tubbs_214 Posts: 185
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So Im seriously considering getting a go pro to time lapse some rides also use it under water(obviously not while riding ) I'm not to bothered about it being full hd as long as it looks ok on the tv/laptop. I might even do some time lapse stuff off the night Sky as well.

Thanks for any help as I really don't understand to much about these


  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
    Have a good look at the Muvi HD (or K Series) as well.
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  • 47p247p2 Posts: 329
    Go Pro Hero for £99.99

  • SoSimpleSoSimple Posts: 301
    Agree with above - pretty much a no brainer at that price - as long as you can live without the LCD screen.

    I've been thinking about getting one to replace my rubbish Kodak ZX5, now they are doing one for under £100 it's brought my decision forward.

    As for quality, it records in 1080 but at 30fps which could be a bit jerky with fast action footage but you'd not lose a huge amount of detail by recording at 720 and 60fps and it would be smoother.

    Unless you've got the latest 4k def TV with a huge screen, you'd be future proofing but in my view not sure you'd notice the difference.

    This one has time lapse shooting too.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    forget about the night sky though - sensor isn't sensitive enough for that ..
  • If you have an iPhone you don't need the LCD screen. The GoPro app does it all - monitor, remote and you can set the capture rate. It's great.
  • SoSimpleSoSimple Posts: 301
    Happy to be proved wrong but I don't think this version supports the App. TBH given its massive wide angle lens and likely use it won't be a problem in use, but will hinder on the move viewing and editing. But if that's critical, just spend another £150!
  • But will the iPhone control work without the Bluetooth / Wifi funstionality, that is not available in the £99 version, is it?
  • Nope. I'd probably go with a 3+ black if you can afford one. Got one about half a year ago for 280, so should be able to pick one up a fair bit cheaper now the new one is out.
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