Scott Addict hmf or cannondale Supersix Evo frame?

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Have narrowed my search to these two, interested in any opinions out there.

I would probably be buying as a complete bike and then modifying spec to suit my taste and desire for light weight (considered the aero options but think I would end up looking desperate riding a bike designed to give a 0.1mph advantage or whatever they can realistically offer).

Scott - very light, approx 1200g for frame and fork, mechanical and di2 compatible, internal cabling, looks nice in Matt black.

Supersix evo - legendary reputation as a race bike, great looks IMO, slightly heavier, external downtube cabling. Like the team colours but probably end up with boring black/red as there are great prices and in my size. Doubts linger over BB30, in a small sample of bb30 owners that I know they all complain about it creaking... Also to me this frame must be nearing the end of it's life to be updated with something more modern/aero/di2 compatible.

Any thoughts to share?


  • brettjmcc
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    Frameset for the Supersix Evo is only the HiMod version, not the standard and comes in either Me or El formats on the frameset. El is internal routing compared to the Me and looks a lot cleaner.

    Unless you buy a bike a strip you won't get the black/red. Currently mechanical comes in the team style colour; the electronic comes all black with a few green logos and stealth logos. Take a look: ... persix-evo
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    The Supersix Evo Hi Mod is still a really good bike. I have two friends with them and both love their bikes. One had a new BB last year during a massive service, the other is only 3 months old. Both are trouble free.

    My BB30 in SLR is 18 months and 3500 miles old and is also trouble free. They work well if fitted correctly.

    The Addict was the first sub 1kg retail frame. It's getting a bit old now but that doesn't detract from what is still an excellent bike.

    Of the two I would probably pick the Di2 Cannondale, just because I like the black/green colours better. Both marques are good choices.
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    The Super six frameset is the himod evo which is nearer 700g and it has a pressfit 30 bottom bracket which can have adapters fitted to eliminate some of the issues brought up on the net. Makes a great bike, however it geometry does not suit all riders.
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    I have the '14 Addict and it's bloody lovely. One of the most responsive and sorted bikes I've ridden. Though not harsh like the previous Addict or older CR1 were after a few hours in the saddle. I bought the Addict 20 from Westbrooks and immediately changed the brakes, saddle, chainset and wheels, which has cut the weight by ca. 1kg. The frame does look great in matt black, the online pictures really don't do it justice.

    This isn't a great photo but this is how mine is looking after a few component changes:


    Looking forward to taking it back up North to point it up some proper hills.
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    Your addict looks great!

    Regarding the addict being long in the tooth - it's the new addict not the original one from about 5 yrs ago, totally new frame design but similar character (light and fast).

    I would not be getting the evo hi mod, I would be buying an evo bike to use the frame (although the higher spec ones I probably wouldn't need to change much.
  • ... oad-Racing

    Might swing you towards Frame only?
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    I would have probably purchased an evo at least twice....the paint jobs really put me off...acid green or "evo" in bright red don't really do it for me...there's only one or two in the last 3 years or so I would actually want to buy and its nothing to do with the ride quality I know but it sure puts doubt in my in I'm not sure i can live with that
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    jordan_217 wrote:


    Looking forward to taking it back up North to point it up some proper hills.

    We've just bought this exact bike for my lad, got it for a great deal.
    Another option for us was the Supersix. We decided against it as I wondered if the head tube may be a tad short and I prefered internal cables.
    Saying that, the Supersix always gets amazing reviews and is still a benchmark used by some magazine testers.