Is there some sort of helpline?

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...specifically for bicycle commuters?

This morning I made a grave error of judgement which could've been avoided with some MTFU advice from a total stranger. Due to late night personnel management issues with my 2 year old son, I got up late feeling distinctly under motivated. My road bike had suffered a slow visitation during the night. The hybrid was still in bits following a similar issue the day before. I look outside and its raining pretty hard, and I've STILL not around to fitting those guards I got last week. Yesterday I had the nightmare journey to work with multiple visitations (Michelin Pro 4 tyres seem to melt in the rain). I'm not sure which of my inner tubes are good and bad. So I decide that its all too much and decide to drive.


I take it easy and leave the house a bit later than normal at 7:10am. At 9:40 I arrive at work.

With the benefit of hindsight I realise what I should've done is swap the front wheels over on the bikes and ridden in.

The journey home is bound to be arduous too.