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Newbie 1st bike help............

DerbDerb Posts: 3
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Having ridden mountain bikes for a few years I've decided to make my first road bike purchase and I'm sick of sitting on the internet day in day out looking at different ones, comparing specs and generally obsessing over them.

With that in mind I thought I'd seek some advise from people who might know more than me (I literally know nothing)

So I'm 32 in good health and have £500 to spend (providing the wife signs it off that is)

I've narrowed my choices down to 3 bikes and just need a push over the edge with one of them.
I'm told that this is a good time to buy a 2014 bike as the new 2015 ones are coming out so this is what i'm looking at cause I have not a penny more than £500 and it looks like a 2014 bike with a half decent spec can be bought for that money.

Any help and advise genuinely appreciated.

Bike 1 - Specialized Allez 2014 - £500 from Evans - Reasons for this one - I have a specialized mountain bike which I love, All my cycling gear is black and red, it gets good reviews, looks like a good spec and is a very handsome looking chap.

Bike 2 - Btwin Triban 500 - I normally avoid chain store stuff like the plague BUT the spec of this for the money (sora, carbon forks etc) seems almost too good to be true. 5 star bikerader review also helps.

Bike 3 - Felt Z95 Sora - This is the one I originally set my mind on but then started looking around and lost my way - Looks like a good spec (similar to the Triban - SORA, carbon forks etc), great looking and from what people say FELT are supposed to be a good manufacturer?

3 quite similar bikes I suppose.
I'm drawn to the Felt for the spec, the specialised for the looks and the Triban for the ease (in stock in my local Decathlon, can collect Friday)



  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,861
    Personally I would go for the Btwin purely as its highly rated by lots of people, as long as you can get by the snob factor. Several mate have Btwin bikes both road and MTB and all rate them as good, the bike will only go as fast as the person pedalling. Remember the saying all the gear no idea. Anyway back to the bike, good spec lousy name so what, possibly upgrade the tyres although I think you can do that at purchase time. You could with the Triban 3 Red anyway. The triple on the Btwin won't appeal to some but may be easier when going from MTB to road. Either way you need to get the final sign off from your missus, suspect a bunch of flowers and some wine may be a wise investment first. Good luck. Ps Felt are ok Specialized are overpriced in my opinion as an ex spend owner.
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  • The one comment you're going to hear from everyone is, get on the bikes and try them.

    As someone who did just that for the first time yesterday I can testify to how wise this advice is. I took for a test a Cube Peloton Pro and a Giant Defy 1. I'd had my heart set on the Cube - just because I fancied going for a smaller name, even though the Giant is higher spec. However, I got on the Giant and loved it, it felt right. I got on the Cube and hated it. I can't say why exactly, but it felt so wrong whereas Giant felt so right.

    So in the end, from what I can see those are all good bikes based on spec. Get on them and see which one takes your fancy.
  • DerbDerb Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice guys,

    Oxoman I actually really like the design and colours of the triban also so that's good. I'm not too fussed about the name as long as it loks good and works.

    Schlepper - I can get a ride on the specialized and the Triban no problem but I can't find anyone near by that stocks the FELT so I can't get to ride that. Which is annoying me as that would make this a whole lot easier.

    Thanks for the advice though.
  • baznettbaznett Posts: 48
    Go for which ever you like the look of and feel most comfortable riding!
    Don't be too concerned about buying a B'Twin, they are the #1 bike selling brand in the world at the moment (in volume). Must be a reason for this
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