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My new Felt Z75 (2015)

fwgxfwgx Posts: 114
edited September 2015 in Your road bikes
New arrival today to replace my Z85 that was stolen. Yes pics have it decked out with my commuting kit, sue me :P

It looks a lot better in the flesh than I was expecting from the photos I had seen online. The full 105 11 speed groupset is wonderful and feels like a big upgrade over the previous 105 I had. Very smooth shifting and perfectly quiet and comfortable ride.











  • Nice bike I like Felts.

    The bits of colour on the finishing kit and the colour coded wheels show that they put a bit of care into it at least.
  • I love Felts!
  • Jay88Jay88 Posts: 1
    Yeah, I bought mine about 2 weeks ago and can't say how happy and satisfied I am with the Z75. I decided on the mechanical discs version and for under $1,000 pounds, its a great bang for your buck. I didn't go for a test ride as I bought online and I am surprised how well the 105 groupset and TRP mechanical discs worked together. Of course they are not as powerful as hydraulics but I think MDs are more suitable on roadbikes as it significantly performs better than calipers but without the very noticeable difference you get from pulling a cable vs pushing hydraulic fluids in the levers, and also overhauling is easier compared with bleeding brakes, thou I also have HDs on my Canyon Nerve AL 29er MTB and its not difficult or complicated at all.

    I ride mostly on hilly areas on twisty roads wth rough surfaces and the ride is compliant for an Endurance bike but yet racy that begs you to ride it faster and harder. Its also quite nimble even with its 1022mm wheelbase on the 58cm frame. The carbon fork provides nice damping but doesn't sacrifice on road feedback and its also quick when initial countersteering into corners, and light enuf to to easily lift the front wheel onto kerbs.
  • JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
    I have one of these too in 56cm size, changed some bits and bobs to suit but overall a great bike!

    What front light is that, looks like a Cree XML T6, if so how do you find it? Am considering one for evening training throughout the winter.
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  • fwgxfwgx Posts: 114
    What front light is that, looks like a Cree XML T6, if so how do you find it? Am considering one for evening training throughout the winter.
    Yes it is a Cree light from ebay. I have given up on them now though, too unreliable. Hit a bump and it turned itself off and would only come back on by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery pack from the light. I had this problem with three different Cree lights, so although they are bright I have no confidence in them and hated the anxiety of not knowing when I'd suddenly become invisible to all traffic. My commute has changed now so I no longer need a light to see where I'm going, just to make myself visible. I am now using a Knog Blinder Road 3 Front 2 LED Light and Knog blinder at the rear. Both are plenty bright enough, easy to attach and switch between bikes and don't require a battery pack.
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