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bit of help please,

I started road biking at the age of 51 after taking part in a Charity Sportive. Found I loved it, bought a Cannondale CAAD8 105, then moved up to a used Trek Madone 5.9 with Dura ace front & rear mech and Ultegra Brakes, shifters. Added Shimano Ultegra wheels and some new tyres. It is a lovely bike. Light, stiff and when I push the pedals down it just goes forward. Sounds daft but I'm sure someone knows what I mean.

Currently the bike is in VERY good condition. But, if I sold it today I might get £1200 ( with the original Bontrager wheels put back on ) for a bike that cost £3500 in 2011. My concern is that if I keep it for another year it may only be worth £750.
I was thinking of selling it now then use the £1200 towards something for say £1800 ( that may only have Ultegra / 105 ).
Then someone I work with said " why don't you wait till next year then buy a new frame for £600, put your Dura ace gear on it and you will still only be £600 out of pocket but you will have something shiny & new"

Sorry, but I am new to this game. Is that viable ? will my Dura ace kit go on any decent frame ? are bottom brackets made to accept various rigs ?

If it is do-able what would be a good frame to use bearing in mind I am 53 now and like to ride 100 milers.

http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee4 ... 3650b0.jpg

http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee4 ... 000b38.jpg


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    If you like your bike currently, just leave it as it is and keep riding it. There seems to be no practical reason to change it.

    Uncannily, my bike also goes forward when you push the pedals down. I know, right..??!
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    Keep it forever!
    Repair / replace the 'expendables' as they wear or break.

    The advantages of a new bike or expensive parts will be marginal.
    The most important parts are: comfortable saddle, good bar tape and gloves, and shoes.
    Also perhaps cassette change if hills are an issue.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
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    thank you for the reply Jay,

    had this been my first bike I would probably not even be considering a new bike but the step up from the caad8 to the trek made me realise what improvements were possible. No power lost when you push on the pedals because of flexing in the BB, crank, rear end. All translated into forward motion. :wink:

    I spent too much money "upgrading" my hifi before eventually going back 3 steps to track down an Arcam CD23T.

    Just trying not to do the same thing with bikes
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    Yes I'm with you... HiFi, Cars, Bikes.... spent lots on pointless upgrades too. Trek looks excellent, nothing wrong with the frame & love the colour. Keep it and buy a winter bike in 10 speed. If you go 11 it'll convince you to change the Trek at some point.

    To get a new good bike with a similar level of kit on the Trek new you'll be spending big.