Two bike to one?

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I am considering selling both my S-Works SL-4 and my Cavendish Venge and buying one top top bike to do everything. I love them both but I think I might love a Colnago more! Do people think it would be wise to buy a C60 Italia and put it on Super Record with Bora Ultras and get shot of the two specialized? I think it would cover all bases, I'm not a racer, just a shiny boy :lol:


  • Entirely up to you. If you dont race but just fancy a new bit of bling then why not?

    Just have to ask yourself if you would miss the two you are selling and wether just having one would be enough!
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    Buy something custom. Better use of your money if you're not a 'racer'.
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    I love the feather steel race bike with what ever grouppo and wheels turn you on. That would excite me far more than any off the peg carbon bike. English are also things of beauty and I do hope the owner recovers well from his accident and can be building again soon.


    Edit: maybe get rid of the #highspeedsteel on the chainstay.

    In seriousness, if you have the money, why not consider a racey custom bike, or steel? Parlee, Legend, Moots, English, Feather to name a few. Thin steel with deep sections is my guilty pleasure.
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    I would get one from taylor made in norfolk. Not a well known name (Angus is lot cheaper than that) but you cannot argue with the quality of his frame building. Get a fit done and send him the measurements. Angus will help you spec the frame. He uses Renoylds 853 and some columbus tubing. If fact why not go with disc brakes, I am seriously considering getting a steel race geometry frame of him with disc brakes, only thing stopping me is I can't use it for racing - yet.

    There is another norfolk builder too Tom Donhou who frames look very special but expensive. He does some off shelf frames too. The problem with the prestigious builder if you sell your bikes and order one of there you will be without a bike for a while. Condor, Genesis... all do high end off the shelf steel frames one of them may be the prefect fit. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    You don't need two out and out race bikes so yes why not get a Colnago instead. If you fancy buying something a bit heavier and less stiff but with a more old school look then custom steel might be a good option.
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