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Dan Walton
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Hi all.

I've recently picked up a pair of sunglasses for cycling, a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets with a grey iridium lens. Pleased with them so far but I think I'd benefit from another pair of lenses for them for cycling in... well, basically anything other than sunshine!

I think I'm going to just go for a clear pair rather than persimmon or yellow as I'll be riding in darkness at times, the question is, do I go for Oakley ones or go for Revant ones for half the money, they are only clear lenses after all?

I have had a pair of Revant lenses before in my Hijinx but I returned them. Wore them for a week on holiday and something damaged the coating on them (they were titanium polarised iridium jobbies). They also didn't fit the frames quite as well as the originals. The only reason I'm considering them again really is the price! That and their customer services was good when I contacted them with my issue.

I figure the fitment in the frame might be better as the Flak's only fit along the top edge, there's no fmacy coatings to worry about... And they're cheap!

Anyone tried any of Revants offerings in their Flak Jackets?


  • cougie
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    There's also Walleva making lenses for them. They seem ok.
  • rowlers
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    I recently took a punt on some walleva lenses and whilst they are OK (just) don't expect Oakley like optics...

    They react to light as expected, they are polarised as expected and they fit my flak jacket frames. BUT the lenses are thinner than Oakley so they don't fit as nicely and rattle a little bit.

    I'd prob buy again for the price...