Fitting mudgaurds. It's raining

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Any bright ideas about fitting a mudguard to a carbon fork that's not drilled at the crown as its disc braked? Currently cable ties but that's 2/10 for looks. Drilling through doesn't strike me as a bright idea. Drilling up seems less drastic and fitting a small self taper but I am still reluctant. Anyone tried self adhesive Velcro? 1 bit to the fork and the other to the guard? (the latter could be fixed more effectively and I suppose the fork could use a decent glue).
Got to be a really clever idea out there.
At the bottom I made a fairly neat clip out of rubber for the right and used a right angle tab from the top caliper bolt to the guard stay. That is nice and tidy.


  • dj58
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    Is the fork full carbon? If you are prepared to drill a clearance hole into the underside of the fork crown then you could maybe use an insert like this, depends on how thick the carbon is at that location. ... /dkdl.html

    However you would probably need to epoxy it in place to stop it rotating when you screw the mudguard fixing in. All this will invalidate your fork warranty I would think.
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    This guy seemed to get away with drilling through just below the fork crown but I reckon his were steel rather than carbon forks