Small Goals

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Hi All

Might not be a major achievement for a lot of people, but I have been mountain biking now for 10 months, starting at 51 most probably wasn't the best time but I have always wanted to have a go.

Over the last 10 months I have set my goals small and be pleased when I reached one, well this week I tried something I thought I wouldn't ever be able to do. as I live in the valley floor in Wales every where is up hill, there are some fantastic rides on top of the hills, I used to get a lift up there and then have a ride around and then ride home, well I wanted to get to the stage where I rode up to the top and then do my ride round, Tuesday I rode up to the lakes a 5.1mile climb and a increase of over 1100ft, had a ride round and home around 15 miles in all, all in the middle chain ring on the front ( when I tried it a while a go it was 5 stops and blowing like a steam train :lol: )

Today it was up to the masts, not as far 4 miles of uphill and around 12 miles in total and 950ft climb, did have to use the granny ring a couple of times for a short while but I did it, so things are getting better, quite slowly, but getting there, so any one who is older/unfit set your goals small and go for it :D

My house is down there some where.

That's the target I want to reach.

There it is.