Garmin GSC-10 sensor with power meter

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So I've just bought some Rotor LT power cranks. These cranks also provide cadence sensing. Docs for the cranks suggest there'll be a problem if you have another cadence sensor. I have a GSC-10 combined speed/cadence unit, and a Garmin 800. Questions:

1. If I remove the crank magnet, will the cadence aspect of the sensor automatically shut off?
2. If not, can I disable it somehow in the 800 without removing the speed input?
3. Or do I have to remove the GSC-10 and go for a speed sensor only.

I'd prefer not to rely on the GPS for speed indication, out of a desire for accuracy, but feel free to tell me this is stupid.


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    1. Yes
    2. You don't need to, the garmin will prioritise the power meter cadence over their own sensor.
    3. No
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    Garmin now have a new model of cadence and speed sensors. They are two units that can be bought as a pair on as individual components (probably in response to power meters that measure cadence).

    I have the new speed sensor and it has worked great. My girlfriend has the new cadence sensor too and it seems more secure on the crank than the older version which we did lose a few times. ... 46897.html