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What bike?

chemicalvikingchemicalviking Posts: 284
edited October 2014 in Road buying advice
Right I've narrowed it down to 3 bikes on this years cycle scheme, either the bianchi impulso veloce 10 speed, cannondale caad 8 105 11 spd or giant tcr 3 carbon frame but tiagra ?
I've got a defy 2 at the moment and tiagra has been great , I'm going toward carbon obviously but is the frame worth it over say the cannondale.

Thanks for any input :-)


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    Depends on what your priority is, another Alu. frame with 10sp Campy / 11sp 5800 or a carbon frame 10sp.
    all are longer and lower than your Defy 2, so a more race geometry.

    What model TCR 3 is it, 2014(T600) or 2015(T700)? I would have thought that you would need to ride them as only you can decide whether the carbon bike is a nicer ride than the Dale or the Italian Job. Also what fits you the best and you like the look of comes into it.
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