Headset question.

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I need to replace the headset on my bike. The headset that came with the frame was a Ritchey WCS press fit.(not tapered). Like this one-

But I was thinking about upgrading to this one with ceramic bearings http://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/headset-superlogic-press-fit-zs44-1-1-8-43209/wg_id-2385.
The bottom part of the Superlogic/ceramic one looks different to the WCS version. So...is the Superlogic one the same fit as the WCS one?


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    You aren't going to get any benefit from fitting ceramic bearings. Not worth the 73 euros. If it was a wheel, chainset or jockey wheels than maybe. Just fit like with like.
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  • I use my bike all year round but don't use mudguards, so the bearings probably takes more grief than usual. I now have rust trails running down from the bearing at the bottom of the headtube.
    Given that I 'm not disciplined enough to strip down my headset to keep it maintained properly - I reckon that paying an extra £20 for a more weather resistant bearing would be worth it.
    P.S. Could someone actually confirm that the Superlogic bearing would fit? Or even suggest a better alternative.
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    I use my bikes all year round and the headset I have all work fine for a very long time - All I use is steel bearings and I don't bother with really expensive headsets. The most expensive one I have is a FSA orbit 1" but most of the others are 105 headsets, token...... i.e mid range. Waste of money what you are proposing I say.

    Oh I never service my headsets either.
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  • Recently taken delivery of the Superlogic headset mentioned previously and tackled replacing it myself. It wasn't easy!
    The existing bottom crown race was covered in rust from the worn bottom bearing and needed a lot of WD40 and gentle teasing to free it from the fork.
    The new crown race was a very tight fit and had to be tapped into position with the help of a vice, a rubber mallet, a towel and the new bearing and cup to exact an even pressure on it. Once that was in place the rest was relatively simple.
    I hope I don't have to go through that again any time soon. That is why I think it was worth spending a few quid extra on a headset that will last longer and be more weather resistant.
    My steering now has no play an moves extremely smoothly.