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2011 world champs race video?

kooky45kooky45 Posts: 17
edited September 2014 in Pro race
Anyone know where I can get a video of the full race coverage from the 2011 mens world champs road race in Copenhagen, the one Cav won? Can't find one online or for sale anywhere.

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  • pomtarrpomtarr Posts: 318
    "Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult"
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 63,385 Lives Here
    Indeed, though that'll destroy your upload/download ratio.

    Not quite sure why you'd want the entire race coverage when even the last lap was mostly boring! :P
  • I had it on the Sky+ for about 2 years then deleted it to make space for Game of Thrones.

    Think it was worth it tbf
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