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Chainline advice! 1x10

TheGavaTheGava Posts: 220
edited September 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey guys, just done the 1x10 conversion, 10speed using XT triple crank M780/785, superstar N/W ring in the inside of the spider! the chainline seems out... Or is this normal...?




As the Middle ring would normally be there I can't see how it's changed.... Is that chainline normal? I'm I just looking at it too much...!!

Thanks for the advice in advance


  • Looks right to me. This is the slight problem with 1x setups compared to 3x. If you're in granny you're mostly in the big rears, and vice versa with the big front and smalls where overlap is. 1x doesn't have overlap so you're stuck. Make sure it is straight between cogs 5 and 6. Or if you do a lot of high torque climbing in the biggest cogs make it slightly better in the bigger rear cogs.
  • That.
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