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Some help with Specialized hubs & axles please....

IanTrcpIanTrcp Posts: 761
edited September 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
I wonder if one of you can help me with this.

I have a 2012 Specialized Epic S-works 29er frame, built up (by a previous owner) with various components including what I believe are 2012MY Rockshox SIDs with the Specialized Brain. They may be 2011 - despite much determined googling I haven't confidently located the relevant manual to confirm which they are. Anyway....

Fitted to the bike are a set of Roval alloy wheels. I saw the carbon "Trail" version of these at a knock-down price and thought I'd treat myself. I've sorted out the rear fit with the supplied end caps, but - to my surprise - have run into trouble up front despite the bag of end-caps supplied with the new wheels. I think that the forks have a non-standard bolt through axle. None of the supplied end-caps work.

Here's a picture of the old wheel/hub with the axle:


And here's a picture of the new wheel/hub, which (as you can see) is far larger in diameter:


I'm hoping that my new wheels can be used with the existing fork/axle setup. Perhaps with a set of end caps or an axle adapter? If someone could help me work out what I need, I'd be really grateful!

Thank you in advance.


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