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Stupid question #1 brake pads....

Clockworkmark31Clockworkmark31 Posts: 1,053
edited October 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

Might be a really obvious question and answer, but when do you look at replacing pads?

Reason I am asking, have the Shimano XT M785s and the bite has gone from them.

They don't feel spongy, so ruling out bleeding. No leaks, caliper is aligned perfect, rotor is good. No contamination on pads or rotor. Pistons return normal, pads have plenty of life in them even though I have had them for a year.

So everything is normal, accept no bite when I grab them just a gradual slowdown. Can only put it down to the pads, but is it normal for them to loose initial bite with life still in them?


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