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cervelo vwd r5 forks

speshstevespeshsteve Posts: 352
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not a good day today...cycling along and the next moment I'm flying through the air and landing in my right shoulder and head!

i think my frame is ok however my front forks are totally smashed :(

i'll be off the bike for 4-6 wks with an av separation however thank god i had my helmet on as its totally smashed in on the right hand side...i don't always wear a helmet...i will from now on

I can't really believe what happened however in summary a scaffold bracket seems to of flicked up off the road and then jammed between the forks at the brake and wheel and in doing so smashed through my forks and sending me straight up and over......freak accident i guess.

So i'm sitting here thinking new helmet, trashed shorts and top, shoes (run over by all the cars that just kept on driving by) so thats 500 quid right there before the bike.

So i'll get to the point does anyone know if you can purchase r5 replacement forks?

thanks in advance

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  • They are probably the FK 30 SL, but you could get some Enve or Eastons forks of similar quality
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  • did nobody stop and help? Speedy recovery mate. Enve Forks are nice, ive a friend who uses them on his Ti bike
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  • wow, hope you get better soon.

    look on ebay for the forks, there is lots on there. I wonder if you cannot find the originals if a 3T Funda will work.

    the fairing behind the fork crown is quite proprietary so nothing other than an OEM will look (or fair) the same.

    but frankly it's not mandatory to replace same with same if you cannot find them
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