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Which womens hybrid

fleshtuxedofleshtuxedo Posts: 1,853
edited September 2014 in Road buying advice
Am getting Mrs Tuxedo a hybrid for her 40th but struggling to find anything that fits the bill. Requirements are:

1. Small - she's only 5'1" her current mountain bike has a 15" seat tube
2. Pretty - she wants it to be in a feminine colour palette i.e. pink/lilac/pale blue etc mixed with white or silver, that sort of thing
3. Performer - likely to be in the £400-700 price range, so lightweight alu frame, maybe carbon forks, decent parts. Compact chainset or triple. Disc brakes would be nice.

She'll be using it for decent road rides and occasional soft off road on towpaths etc. She's just done Leeds Liverpool canal over 2 days and next up is coast to coast, 50 miles a day ish.

The sticking point when I'm looking seems to be the second point above, I can't find any womens hybrids in suitable bracket that she'd like the look of. I thought Boardman Fi range would be a good bet but the hybrid is a bit black. Best fit I can find so far is: ... 5360620322

What have I missed?
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