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AWOL Comp or TriCross Comp?

zaichevzaichev Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Road buying advice
What I'll be using it for:

* Mostly commuting
* The occasional long ride out into the wilderness/camping
* Maybe, someday, a race

Why I like the AWOL:

* It's indestructible, or at least near there... I could be rough with it
* Steel means I might be able to sell it for more later (compared to carbon)
* It weighed at 26 pounds-- this was the large model (I need a medium) with inferior steel. One size smaller, and with the lighter steel that comes with the COMP model, it should weigh a bit less. (The Tricross was 22 pounds.)
* It was super smooth to ride
* It can handle weight-- I'll need to be carrying 20lbs of groceries once in awhile.


* It didn't feel as "zippy" as the TriCross
* It's a tad bit more expensive

Why I liked the Tricross

* It felt zippy-- I felt faster, or accelerated faster
* It's (maybe) a better commuter bike

What I disliked about the Tricross:

* It had inferior breaks
* I could feel every little bump
* It's probably not a great choice for camping/getting groceries

What would you do?


  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    Tricross brakes - rim or disc? Rim are rubbish and I had to change the pads to get a modicum of stopping power. Discs are far better.
    Tricross is fine for commuting and can take rack on the back ...
    The only thing I'd check is mudguard mounting .... My tricross doesn't have the mounting points on the forks.
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