How difficult is it to find tyres etc for a 650 size wheel

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I am thinking of biking a B'twin Triban bike but in my size, the wheels are a size 650. People have mentioned that it can be trickier to find tyres etc for that size - is that generally the case?

Thanks! :)


  • MichaelW
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    650c is common enough to be useful for smaller road riders
    Keep a small stock of tubes and spare tyres.
    Using 700c in a small bike requires serious bodging of the frame geometry.
  • rokt
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    My son has a B'twin with 650c wheels and you'll have no problem with tyres & tubes from
    both Wiggle & Chain Reaction Cycles.
  • Thank you for you very much for your answers, that really helped!
  • imposter2.0
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    650c tyres are generally available - but the choice in that size is significantly smaller..