Light weight silver clinchers.

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A simple question to the wheelbuilders and wheel experts.

I desire some 1400g-ish wheels for nice-day riding. I have my durable/training wheel needs covered elsewhere.

Wheels should be:
Classic in appearance, as decal-free as possible.
Shallow/wide section.
Preferably Cup And Cone hubs
And Shiny!

High polish Archetypes would obviously be ideal, but I'd question the viability of hubs that would allow me to hit my target weight.

I am 75kg, ride in mountainous coastal areas on fairly terrible roads. I'm aiming to start racing next season.


  • Archetypes are one option. Silver Kinlin rims work well as well, especially something like the XR-279 if you want a wider wheel, or XR19W or XR200 if you just want something light.

    Pro Lite Bracciano is good as well, but slightly over and I'm not a huge fan of the logos in regards to classic looks. Great wheels though.
  • Dura Ace and Open Pro? Open pro decals are very easy to peel off.
  • Dura Ace or Hope were what I had mind for hubs. Shimano huns just work for me.
  • Dura Ace or Hope were what I had mind for hubs. Shimano huns just work for me.

    Dura Ace are black
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  • Meh. I can live with the blue Ultegra, I can live with black.
  • I can't think of a polished silver rim that will build you a 1400 grams set...
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  • That's what I'm finding as time goes on. Surely is not that odd an idea?
  • SIlver is no longer in fashion and there are 2 rims polished by H plus Son, only in high drill counts and something from Araya, again only in high count. If you include anodised silver there is a bit more choice, but not a lot
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  • I suppose the obvious question is how close could I get with Archetype or Kinlin without having something flexy and fragile. Or should I simply desist in being a tart and go for standard black?
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    The other option which might work are Ambrossio Excellights. Good quality rim, decent weight (430g), similar in price and characteristics to the Mavic Open Pro, which are also very good in silver btw.

    Piccie in here along with a few other options:

  • Basically you'd have to counter act the fact that you use heavy-ish rims and high spoke count, by using the lightest spokes around.
    56 laser spokes or CX Ray with brass nipples will be around 320-330 grams for the length required, Archetype will be 950, so you are already at 1270... then of course you need a couple of hubs... the lightest will be around 250-300 grams.
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  • Thanks for the input. I guess if one wants nice light wheels with specific aesthetics, they'd best like carbon. I just don't fancy looking like another wannabe.
  • The grey Archetype (new type) are metallic shine (look like darkish brushed titanium) and you can buy them as 20/24 and get down to 1400 grams, building a set similar to this but with silver spokes ... tail/16/91

    Light silver hubs are still elusive, but with Hope Mono RS you'll probably be 100 grams heavier or so
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    I think you just need to realign what lightweight means. My Excellights have some excellent Record hubs and feel remarkably responsive and are great for climbing. I haven't weighed them but suspect that would be about 1600g. That, to me, is pretty lightweight and the difference between your target weight of 1400g and my wheels is less than half a bottle of water...
  • Current wheels nudge 2.2 kg. I had it in mind that losing a third of the weight would be significant enough to warrant the outlay, as well as taking the whole bike sub 7kg without having to go wholesale on carbon bits. I like metal.
  • Dura Ace or Hope were what I had mind for hubs. Shimano huns just work for me.

    Dura Ace are black

    I was thinking 7900, which would be better value but I guess only ok if the OP doesn't want 11 speed?
  • 7900 is history... Shimano no longer makes 10 speed group sets, unless you dig down into Tiagra stuff... spending over 200 quid for a pair of 10 speed only hubs makes little sense
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  • I'm on 11 speed in any case.
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    If you want shiney silver hubs, try White Industries.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Archetype rims average around 485g each making two of the 970g. silver novatec A171/F172 are the lightest low cost (and durable) silver hubs I can think of at 390g.

    So 24F/28R grey archetypes, silver novatec hubs, silver sapim laser spokes and alloy nipples is the lighest classicish durable wheelbuild I can think of. weight 1620g.

    Pacenti SL23 rims in silver (they are or were available I happen to have a pair no idea who else does though) would save 80g of that build. So weight 1540g without spending a fortune on light silver hubs.

    Now ambrosio (RSI cycles the distributor) get the Novatec A291/F482 SL hubs in silver and call them ambrosio zenith, (they put the ABG freehub on and EZO bearings) . Use these hubs with the pancenti SL23 rims and you will get a build of weight 1440g. Getting closer.

    These ambrosio light hubs are 290g for a pair. Lighter hubs do exist for example tune mig/mags but you are talking big money now.

    20f/24R grey archetype with ambrosio light hubs and sapim laser or CX-rays spoke and alloy nipples would weigh 1480g so that heavier go figure.

    So the final option and not one I would recomend is the velocity A23 in silver with sapim laser or CX-ray spokes, alloy nipples and ambrosio light weight hubs. weight 1410g

    those are my thoughs and I am really stuck for more. So your goal is possible by the A23 build is for very light riders only. The best option for a relaible build would any of the others with the Pacenti SL23 build being the lightest, down side damage the rim and there would be a long wait to get more or the grey archetype/novatec A171/f172 build for something relaible that could be used in all weathers.

    White Industries T11 hubs are 345g and lots of money. good hubs but they use the same size bearings as the lightweigt ambrosio hubs but they will make the wheelset a bit heavier. Not a bad thing but you will pay hansomely for a Ti freehub and the bling. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    How about ?

    Kinlin XC-279 20F 24R rims
    Sapim Laser spokes
    Novatec A291/F482 hubs
  • Kinlin XC-279 in silver are not imported into the U.K so that will get expensive getting from abroad. Rims are 500g each. So that build would weigh 1545g. so we are going backward now without making a better wheelset. -wheel building and other stuff.
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