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Replacement tightening screw for garmin out front mount

Serious CatSerious Cat Posts: 489
edited June 2019 in Road general
The hex bit on mine is rounded off, can't find which type of screw it is, anybody know ?
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  • Think it's an M2, which you can buy here; ... 0737368709

    but I'd have to go an take it out and measure it to be sure, and it's too late!
  • I've been doing lots of google searches to see if there is a confirmation positively identifying the exact screw type used and I can't find a single one.
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  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,386
    Try M2.5 x 10 (maybe 12)
  • Great timing guys, just lost the nut on my one a few days back.

    Thanks for the eBay link bernithebiker could come in very handy for smaller allenkey bolts etc .

    Cervelo R3
    Tarmac Elite
  • rob21rob21 Posts: 284
    i snapped a hex bolt a while back,i contacted Garmin for a replacement.
    They couldnt source a new bolt for what ever reason,so they sent me a complete new out front mount bargain :D
  • I think its actually a M3 bolt with 3mm thread diameter and uses a 2.5mm hex key, you can buy the bolt on ebay in 22mm or 25mm lengths, congrats on getting a whole new mount though :D
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  • The hex bit on mine is rounded off,

    How the hell did you manage that :lol:
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • rob21rob21 Posts: 284
    The correct bolt size for the out front mout is..M3 22 mm... ... EBIDX%3AIT
  • Jonny LJonny L Posts: 1
    I realise that this is an old thread, but having lost the bolt for my Garmin Out Front mount, I ordered the bolt as recommended by Rob21. Cost £1.05. 5 bolts arrived next day, perfect fit :D

    Saved me buying a whole new mount - Many thanks
  • dazz_ni45dazz_ni45 Posts: 468
    Thanks for the timely bump as mine has started to round and I wanted to replace it. Now ordered!
  • revmattrevmatt Posts: 75
    I've just discovered that lock on bolts from old grips are the right diameter and the same as Garmin mount bolts.

    They are perfect for mounting barfly accessories underneath the mount.
  • Sorry to jump onto this threat.

    I am missing the bottom wrist securing bolt from my Garmin 235, the short bolt that attaches to the long one.
    Anyone know where to get this from?
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