Advice Re C2W scheme

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The works C2W scheme has come back around and i'm looking to get a cyclocross bike to add to the rest of the stable. I'm also wanting to get into some cyclocross races.

I'd decided to get the one below but it's out of stock till the middle of November for my size. ... cross-bike

They have the one below in stock but differently specced and £100 less. ... cross-bike

I'm assuming there tiagra is pretty much similairly specced to the 105 but just a bit heavier?

Worth getting the tiagra or better to wait for the 105?


  • The out of stock one looks better. Surely that's the only consideration........?

    Tiagra will work fine, I have it on my bike with Sora as well. About 4/5 years old and been fine.

    But I think I would be looking at 105, its only a month or so to wait, unless you are desperate?
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