autumn/winter socks and overshoes

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looking for some winter socks and overshoes. socks wise i had been looking at sealskins. looking for recommendations though. not looking to spend a fortune really. i have seen the prendas 2 for £15 offer and can get socks and overstocks for that. cheers in advance.
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    For winter socks Woolie Boolies take some beating.
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    hugo15 wrote:
    For winter socks Woolie Boolies take some beating.

    ^^^ these, plus these are great: ... p-overshoe

    Then get yourself some neoprene overshoes for wet rides. Endura are good but build quality can be a bit hit and miss. Craft are also good IME
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  • Socks are easy.
    Wool. Fancy cycle specific brands are unimportant. Buy the best fit, as thick as you can without making your shoes tight.
    Overshoes. Hmmm Neoprene ones are warmer. Many are stitched through and thus leak,. There should be no stitching on 1 side of any seam.
    Check ankle fit. Close is needed. not to stop the water running down inside as no overshoe manages that but because a close fit allows you o add a gaiter over the top. I use motorcycle inner tube. That works well.
    Try them on. no one in their right mind buys shoes via the post unless they already have pair of the same make so how can you be sure that what works for person a will work for you.
    I like BBB neoprene ones as they fit well but are a bit long for the size.
    finally if you have MTB shoes, use them with SPD pedals, The cleats are smaller thus the holes in the bottom are. Warmer and keep out more water.
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    Just get decent merino socks, I'm not a fan of sealskinz for road cycling - they just aren't that warm and the big hole in the top where you put your foot in means they aren't waterproof either and have a tendency to let water in but not out. Only time I use them is on the MTB and then just the knee-length ones with 3/4 waterproof baggies over the top (it's a 'special' look but does keep your feet dry).
  • Aldi have waterproof socks as part of their 'cycling event' which starts today. They are £12.99 a pair.

    Saying that, Evans have Sealskinz at 50% off online at the moment. ... sealskinz#!
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    Planet X do some nice merino socks and some neoprene overshoes too.